We are 2 players, 2 painters, 2 parents, and this is our Warhammer and Wargaming podcast

May 15, 2018


Hail Mighty Listeners!!!

Its warhammer fest!!! we talk about the events of the last three weeks and have a chat with some of our awesome mates about our take on the fest!

We are joined by;

Ben Chambers, Galden daemon finalist pin winner AKA "Ben the base"

Tom Pedder-Smith, "The Tank"

and Dan wotchamacallit wozzer Wosley who runs the Wanderers Facebook group.

We hope you enjoy the episode, its a little scrappy, exhausted, excitable and recorded in a hotel room!!

Stay Awesome!

The 2PS

Many thanks to Bensound for the awesome music


  • 00:02:34-ON THE HOBBY DESK- We all share what we have been getting up too
  • 00:34:51-A GALAXY OF WAR- TITANICUS!!!!!!! Necromunda and other stuff
  • 01:03:09-THE MORTAL REALMS- The new releases... and a new flippin edition!!
  • 01:31:45-HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- We do our best to outline the upcoming events and shout out a few people
  • 01:46:46-INTO THE WILDS- We get excited about the Middle earth STB and a new AOS cardgame 

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