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August 22, 2018

2P’s Episode 29- Space wolves, Titans, Weathering, and Slayers… No not buffy, but that’s not a bad idea….


Episode 29... There is so much going on that we are a bit like my son in toys r' us for the first time! Wide eyed and overwhelmed LOL. We hope you've had a great few weeks, and you enjoy the new episode.

As ever, be sure to get in contact with feedback, questions or just if you fancy a hobby chat!

Moderati, fire up the plasma reactors and disengage the docking clamps, the Invictus two P-icus must walk, sound the warhorns!!!!

Stay awesome,

The 2 Ps

Shout outs too;
Ian Craig 

Bensound and Free themes for the audio


  • 00:02:56 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - Ben finishes of his Nighthaunt, Dan grows his Lord of the rings army and we both start to tinker with Titanicus. Then we chat about weathering. 
  • 00:34:58 - GALAXY OF WAR - Titanicus, Kill-team, Space Wolves
  • 00:55:04 - THE MORTAL REALMS - Slayers, and Fyreslayers, we consider a future for a small scale "kill team" esque game in the mortal realms
  • 01:13:58 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Our usual shout outs and calendar
  • 01:27:34 - INTO THE WILDS - Modipheus, Dune, Dwarven forge and a few other musings.

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