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September 26, 2018

2P’s Episode 31 - Titans, Beastmen, Rogue trader and a brand new Lord of the Rings segment!

Hail Mighty listeners

Welcome to episode 31. Its been 3 weeks and we have a lot to talk about!! This episode we are very excited to announce the winner of our first hobby contest.

We have a brand new segment. Lord of the Rings has inspired us so much we have decided to introduce a whole new segment devoted to it.

One last thing... we have a patreon now.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

Be Excellent to each other!!!

The 2 Ps

Show notes

Many thanks to for the awesome intro track, we still love it. And for the outro "viking"


00:02:52 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - We have managed to share a hobby desk for a few days, so we talk Mordor, Titans, Stormcast and continue our chat about weathering with a look at weathering powders.

00:33:16 - GALAXY OF WAR - We have a load to talk about. We discuss wake the dead,  Rogue trader, Killteam in general, Massive Necron warmachines

00:58:48 - THE MORTAL REALMS - We have a chat about Nightvault, Beastmen and we have a little retrospective on Lizardmen.

01:28:50 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - We go through the upcoming Callendar and we have a load of shout outs!!

01:56:09 - JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH - We chat about our current Lord of the rings projects!!


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