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November 7, 2018

2P’s Episode 33- We’re back! Titans, Far to much Chaos, Blackstone fortress, More Chaos and Lord of the rings

Full show notes;

Hail Mighty Listeners

Firstly we apologise for the long gap, but Ben travelled to watch the rainbow bridge so things have been tough to organise.
Secondly, It was fireworks night when we recorded this, so it sounds like the assault on black reach for some of it.
Lastly, because of our superior levels of technical genius, there is a fair bit of the episode recorded through our computer microphones rather than the actually half decent podcasting microphones. But it sounds pretty good despite this. Apologies!

We hope you have had a fantastic month while we have been away, Its good to be back. Stay awesome you mighty warmongers!!

The 2P's

We a greatly appreciative of all the support we get to continue making our little podcast. If you would like to support us, we have a patreon to help you do that. 


00:02:56 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - Ben discusses his Titanicus box, and Dan talks about taking in the mighty Bloodthirster!

00:28:11 - GALAXY OF WAR - Blackstone fortress, Dan gets excited about Chaos, Orks, Chapter approved and a few other gubbins

00:49:35 - THE MORTAL REALMS - Dan gets excited about some blood puppies, we discuss the underworld releases and we look forward to the Moon Clan Grots

01:08:48 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY -  Shout outs and the normal Callendar stuff- Check out upcoming events!

01:30:13 - JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH - Getting started in LOTR and a look at upcoming releases.


Shout outs-

Tommie Soule -

Kyle Haydon -

Tom Taylor Big -

Damon Drescher - 

Adam Smith

JK Games -

Bensound for the music "epic"


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