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January 23, 2019

2P’s Episode 37- 30 mins a day keeps the hobby cobwebs away!!

Hail Mighty Listeners!!!

Its episode.... 37 and we have been able to record in the same place, Bens shed; a dark and mystical place filled with forgotten models and far to much clutter!!

We have had a blast recording this one and we hope you enjoy it, and best of all Dan's voice has returned to normal. He has clearly been expelled from the Dark mechanicum for his complete lack of technical expertise!

As ever we love to hear from you, and would enjoy and topic suggestions or questions, we will do our best.... even if Ben cannot remember the name of virtually any unit in the game!

Have an awesome couple of weeks in the hobby, may you pains never dry out, your brushes stay as pointy as an elven spear and you roll consistently over 4.

Praise Sigmar (Khorne can go suck a....) ((Yes Ben wrote this))

The 2 P's

As ever our thanks to for the awesome title music

Show Notes


  • 00:02:56 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - Dan talks us through his Cawdor, Blood bowl goblins, Gaunt summoner and his scuttling. Ben chats about a redemptor dreadnought and a rune priest. We carry on our chat about our hobby resolutions...
  • 00:37:40 - A GALAXY OF WAR - Dan chats Necromunda, we also talk about Titanicus, and how awesome Ulrik the Slayer is
  • 01:04:00 - IN THE MORTAL REALMS - Dan talks about his skirmish game and a 2000pt battle. Ben adds not so witty sarcasm and little else
  • 01:32:37 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Our usual jaunt through events on our calendar, some shout-outs to hobbyists that have caught our attention and how over the moon we are with the Hobby forum
  • 01:52:36 - A JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH - A run through of the recent releases and a look at a rather tasty Edoras !


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