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March 6, 2019

2P’s Episode 40- Shadowspear, Squigs, Square melons, Battlemechs and a forklift truck

Hail Mighty Listeners!!

Welcome to our fabulous fortieth episode! We hope this finds you in awesome hobby form.

Today we discuss Shadowspear, Squigs, Square melons, Battlemechs and a forklift truck!!

Hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes

Dan and Ben - The 2 Ps!

Show notes are here


  • 00:03:02- ON THE HOBBY DESK - Ben paints some squig hoppers and we both have a mess around with our Necromunda scenery. 
  • 00:29:51- GALAXY OF WAR - We discuss our upcoming game on warhammer TV, Ben plays some games, and we talk about the superb looking shadowspear and what may lurk just round the corner
  • 00:54:30- IN THE MORTAL REALMS- Lifestone and the impact it had on one little boy, Square melons, bouncy dice and Dan prepares for a tournament
  • 01:18:06- HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Our usual shout outs and run through whats going on locally to us. 
  • 01:44:47- INTO THE WILDS- We discuss Battletech, Mantics terrain crates 2, and things we can learn from other sources, such as the model railway hobby


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