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February 21, 2018

2P’s Episode 18 - Kinder eggs, Malign portents, Space marine heroes and Harry flippin Potter

Welcome back mighty listeners!!

We hope you have had an awesome 2 weeks in the hobby. Here are our latest ramblings on our glorious hobby!

Episode 18…. Thanks as always for all your incredible support, thanks especially to Tom Meaker for the request to do the potted Necromunda history, we really enjoyed it!

If any of you want us to talk about anything then seriously just send us a message!

So without further introduction….

We hope you enjoy it!

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The 2 Ps!

Many thanks to Bensound for the music


00:01:54 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Some more Nurgle, Dan starts his Daemon Prince, Ben progresses with his getting started Orruks and we discuss army specific scenery.

00:15:13 – GALAXY OF WAR – We chat about the Space marine heroes, Kinder Eggs, and do a very potted history of Necromunda

00:38:35 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Ben does a terrible job at explaining what the Malign Portents actually are, and we discuss the fantastic Daughters of Khaine miniatures

01:07:26 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We have a natter about our plans for Warhammer Fest!!

01:16:21 – The new Harry Potter board game and a few other things that have caught our eye

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