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We are 2 players, 2 painters, 2 parents, and this is our Warhammer and Wargaming podcast

June 12, 2019

2P’s Episode 44- Contrasting opinions, Chocolate biscuits, forbidden power and hobbit holes


Welcome to episode 44. Dan manages to stay awake.... mostly, and Ben has managed to edit out the bits where he does fall asleep (albeit momentarily) They joys of a newborn!! But don't feel sorry for him, he was up till 02:30 hobbying the night before!!

We have a chat about all the new releases we could remember and in one month that's an awful lot! We throw in a new mini-segment.... The Pudding review... don't worry it will make sense!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

The 2Ps





00:03:23 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - We talk about all the hobby we have got up to and share our early thoughts on the contrast paints 
00:48:28 - GALAXY OF WAR - We run through the releases and Ben shares his thoughts on a bit of background for his imperial guard
01:21:14 - INTO THE MORTAL REALMS - Forbidden power and Warcry
01:47:26 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - A long list of shout outs and a new segment on food (no surprises there)
02:21:56 - JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH/INTO THE WILDS - The scouring of the shire and Elder scrolls "call to arms"


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