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July 17, 2019

2P’s Episode 45- Warcry! Apocalypse! Goblins! Titans! Tanks! Moonstone! and Drowned Earth!

Hail Mighty Listeners

Worry not heroes of the hobby, we are back to grace your ears with our nonsense and babble!!

We have so much to talk about and we try to rattle through it all. Some truly awesome stuff coming out, but we are most excited by the up and coming Warcry.

This months painting competition has had a tonne of really fantastic entries and we want to give a special shout out to everyone who entered. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the episode, Dan managed to stay awake through this one !!!

Grab some refreshments!!!

The 2Ps

Find the show notes here;


  • 00:03:22 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Titans, Cawdor, Goblins, Custodians and Asset drops
  • 00:36:44 – GALAXY OF WAR – Naughty commissars, Sisters of Battle, Apocalypse  
  • 01:06:54 – INTO THE MORTAL REALMS – Ben discusses the effects of the generals handbook and we discuss Warcry
  • 01:36:13 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We announce our painting competition winner and chat about Roll Dice event
  • 01:51:58 – INTO THE WILDS – Moonstone and Drowned earth


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