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April 22, 2021

2P’s Episode 67 - Marshmallows, Daemon princes and Anphiarus

Hail Mighty Listeners

This week we are joined by the mighty Anphiarus AKA Barrie Watkins, who tries to convice us hes not Alpharius.... and also talks about sculpting and shares his hobby energy with us.

We hope you enjoyed your Easter break and didnt eat too much chocolate, not something we can claim!

Grab some refreshments and join us for episode 67!

The 2 Ps



  • 00:01:33 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - Dan goes through his multitude of projects, Ben reveals he has in fact gone mad, and Baz tells us about the Deceiver he is working on.
  • 00:37:40 - GALAXY OF WAR - We look at the incredible sisters of battle releases, and a servant of the warmaster
  • 01:06:56 - THE MORTAL REALMS -Belakor, Kroak, and witchunters, the perfect combination
  • 01:29:59 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - We grill Baz on his scuplting and get some fantastic tips
  • 02:11:57 - INTO THE WILDS - Marshmallows, My Little pony, Aliens, Tanks and Maps... honestly

SHOUT OUTS for the fantastic music - "Epic"


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