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March 21, 2018

2P’s Episode 20- Man O War! Sooo many releases, and a recap of our hobby over 20 episodes


Welcome back to episode 20…. thats right twenty!! Thanks to everyone who has followed us all the way this crazy journey so far. We had great fun recording this episode so we hope you have fun listening to it.

Have an awesome 2 weeks!!

The 2 Ps

Music is all by Bensound, thanks to them for the awesome tunes!


00:02:27 – ON THE HOBBY DESK- We discuss our current progress, Dan has made a jump from blood…. To pus, Ben talks about his MawKrusha and we look back over 20 episodes of hobby.

00:28:07 – GALAXY OF WAR- We talk about killteam, the awesome terrain, forgebane, Tau and the insane new Necromunda releases

00:53:13 – THE MORTAL REALMS- Malign portents narrative, Chaos Bloodbowl team, the new Shadespire Warnands and we get excited about Deepkin

01:17:20 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- We talk about Game on at plymouth-shout out dark star and cross swords. We discuss some feedback from the Xwing tournament southwest regional and give a run down on upcoming events

01:32:38 – INTO THE WILDS- I feedback on Outlands second edition, Gaslands and a bimble through a few other things.

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