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July 11, 2018

2P’s Episode 26- Soulwars, Killteam, A handflamer, Geekfest 4 and a tub of Ben and Jerrys

And welcome to episode 26!
Sorry we have been away for a little bit, but we are glad to be back and have recorded this one together, in Bens shed. 

We have had a blast with this episode and also got to attend the rather cool Geekfest 4 festival, so a lot of fun.

We hope you are having an awesome time in the hobby, and enjoy episode 26...

The 2Ps

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00:03:05 -  ON THE HOBBY DESK-  Ben finishes of the characters from Dark Imperium box, tries his hand at a 2nd edition space marine and ploughs through the AOS1 box. Dan has some painting breakthroughs and finishes some units for his khorne army. And we find an old nemesis in a draw

00:35:21 – GALAXY OF WAR- Kill team, monopoly, old models and superb new scenery

01:00:14 – THE MORTAL REALMS- Soul wars, Stormcast, Magic and our thoughts on the new AOS 2

01:29:56 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- Shout outs to Northfjorder Miniacal Pro-painted Scruby and Wells 

01:45:00 – INTO THE WILDS- Model box, Drakerys and Geekfest 4

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