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January 9, 2019

2P’s Episode 36 - A Red Angel, a tonne of fantastic 40k releases, Grotz, Test of honour and more!

Hail Mighty listeners

Happy 2019 you lot!

Welcome to episode 36. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a recording issue that Dan will explain at the start. But we had a lot of fun recording this one! So much to talk about we could have spent twice as long recording it.

We hope you enjoy it and you have a cracking few weeks of hobby!

Best Wishes

The 2P's



  • 00:04:00 - ON THE HOBBY DESK - We discuss what we did over Christmas and our plans for the new year, Dan discussed his 30 min a day plan, and some big news from one of the Ps
  • 00:36:05 - GALAXY OF WAR - So many things covered as we try to share our thoughts on the ridiculous Christmas release schedule
  • 01:09:48 - MORTAL REALMS - The grotz dominate this weeks conversation as we get stuck into this incredible release
  • 01:33:33 - HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY - Our usual chat about local, and less local hobby goings on as well as our shout outs
  • 01:56:27 - INTO THE WILDS - Ben chats about the new footsore models for Test of Honour, and shares his excitement and frustration regarding Alien vs Predator

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